Friday, August 29, 2008

Death in June - Rose Clouds of Holocaust

Death in June despite all their controversy and silliness have essentially become the premier neofolk band. And it's not hard to see why. Death in June's music is simply put, beautiful. Usually never consisting of more than a handful of acoustic guitar chords each and every Death in June song manages to captivate the listener with pure emotion. Often enhanced by stunning string synths and other instruments Rose Clouds of Holocaust is a wonderful album that manages to be digestable without sacrificing beauty or individuality. This album is simply for anyone who likes simple yet magnificent music, the title track will without doubt send shivers down your spine.

1. Lord Winter
2. God's Golden Sperm
3. This Omen Filled Season
4. Symbols of the Sun
5. Jerusalem the Black
6. Luthers Army
7. 13 Years of Carrion
8. The Accidental Protege
9. Rose Clouds of Holocaust
10. Lifebooks



jeff said...

cant wait to listen to this. im still hooked on But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? haha. thanks for the link

?adtaste said...

Listening to atm, pretty cool stuff. Interesting to note that Pearce now resides in Australia. Man has good tastes :D